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Frequently Asked Questions


Does Hammerlake Studios have planning permission?

Phase one of the studio has been given planning approval in principle by the Westmeath County Council on 12th July, 2022. The final decision to grant permission rests with the elected members of the Council in September. 


Will the construction of Hammerlake Studios impact local wildlife?

We will undertake a complete ecological analysis as part of our application. We aim to enhance the habitats for wildlife on-site through extensive planting.


How many jobs will be created?

We envisage that 300 construction jobs will be created. When Phase one of the studio campus is completed, it will generate 350 sector jobs through the production company.


Will the film studios cause traffic congestion for local residents?

The site was selected based on its excellent road connection and its proximity to the M4. The majority of our staff and crew are on the campus before peak time AM traffic and the majority of crew don’t leave until 19:00.


Will Hammerlake Studios be operated sustainably?

We are committed to being the most sustainable and green film studio facility anywhere in the world. Our carbon emissions will be minimised through a highly efficient electric energy strategy powered by on-site and procured renewable electricity. No fossil fuels will be used within the campus. Our rainwater harvesting system will save thousands of litres of water usage per year. We install highly efficient heating systems, including air source heat pumps and offer electric vehicles charging for multiple vehicles on site. Solar panels will significantly reduce our need to use electricity from the grid. Any electricity that we do need to purchase will be from green sources.


Is there a need for another film studio in Ireland?

The shift in viewing consumption has led to a massive demand for studio space worldwide. While Ireland has three relatively large studio facilities (Ardmore, Troy, Ashford), demand for these studios is exceptionally high, with projects often selecting other international locations when the availability of these studios has been limited. The development of larger-scale studio facilities in Mullingar would allow Ireland to meet the needs of the biggest productions,


What type of jobs will be available at Hammerlake Studios? 

These roles will be administration, camera operation, lighting, sound recording, set design, prop design, construction, special effects, stunts, costume design, and makeup. In addition, there will be roles for Westmeath residents as film and television extras.


How much can a crew member expect to earn?

Work in film and television production requires a mix of highly specialised, technical, and creative skillsets. Remuneration will reflect the crew’s qualifications, experience, and ability. Roles in background talent/extras are generally advertised locally at short notice.


Will training be available for various studio roles?

In our commitment to developing a sustainable studio, we must create a 5-year plan to train and upskill local crew to work in the studios. Hammerlake Studios will work closely with Screen Skills Ireland, the national training entity tasked with developing courses to meet the growing demands for the film sector. We will engage with TUS Midlands to develop level 7 & 8 film-related courses. Longford and Westmeath Educational Training Board have an excellent network of training and upskilling courses across the country and will play an essential role in our training programme.

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